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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New Reviews Added

Last night we visited a new bar in town- Arte's on the corner of St. Ethelbert and St. Owen's Street (formerly known as Doodies).

What we found was very pleasant. Although very posh and expensive looking we are pleased to announce that the pricing is reasonable and is definitely worth checking out. See our full review here.
Whilst on our travels we have also re-reviewed The Barrels, The Queen's Arms and The Grandstand. Check out their new standings here- and you will also notice a new section added; that of closed down pubs- if anyone has any news regarding the re-opening of these pubs then drop us a line.
We have also received another review from our most prolific reviewer: "Rob E". He has already reviewed 18 pubs for the Guide, and his 19th review is of The Old Market Inn.


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