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Thursday, 24 February 2011

New management at The Wye Inn

Whilst passing The Wye Inn the other day I noticed this sign. We have had (and heard from you) complaints about the service here under the old regime, therefore we look forward to re-visiting soon to see if there are any improvements with the new management. If anyone else has visited recently then drop us a line and "Wye" not complete a review form!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Every little helps at the Game Cock

Several months ago we noticed the closure of The Game Cock on Holme Lacy Road. Building work has now begun there, but unfortunately a refurb is not on the cards- instead they are converting the building into a Tescos Express. At least the beer will be cheaper there now, but another local pub is lost and there are now even fewer pubs south of the river.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Manhattans is anti-Klimaxed!

The return of Manhattans
At the end of November 2010 we blogged that Manhattans had been rebranded as "Klimax". We then set about re-assessing the venue, and if truth be told, we were hard pressed to notice any changes.
I was in town this morning and I noticed this new sign. It seems that the slightly gay Klimax rebranding has given way to the former name. As ever we invite you all to send in your reviews- let us know if you notice the change!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Re-reviewed: The Buckingham, The Monument, The Cotterell Arms & The Britannia

The other week we were out re-reviewing the pubs of the Whitecross area of the city. On our travels we checked out the four pubs detailed below - click the title of each for the full review:

The Buckingham (Pictured bottom left)
Still a nice little pub and if the smell of the fish and chips is anything to go by, the food is very good too.

The Monument (top right)
This is still a great place to go for watching football with plenty of screens on offer but no TVs in the gents anymore. Very knowledgeable bar staff too who told us all about the subtle differences in the IPA on offer - complete with free samples!

The Cotterell Arms (top left)
It was crib night (isn't it always!). Another of the Time Machine pubs with little change over recent times. There was even an appearance for the retro style Ceefax to check out Hereford United's FA Cup exploits.

The Britannia (bottom right)
After checking this pub out when it was absolutely heaving on the week it re-opened we thought it warranted another visit. It was a lot quieter on the Tuesday we visited but the free pool and good beer makes this pub highly recommended and well worth seeking out.

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