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Monday, 1 September 2008

New Stella Brand Available- or is there???

I was walking around a local supermarket the other day, and what did I see on offer? Only a new type of Stella Artois! seeing as it was only £3 for 4 cans I thought I'd give it a go; however, I was immediately suspicious as the new brand was 4% alcohol and I already had in my fridge at home Peetermans Artois- which was also 4%. So I thought to myself I'd better do a taste test!!!

After several cans of each variety, and much to my partners annoyance, I was quite drunk but my point was proved. I was unable to tell the difference between the 2 beers. The next day I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I tried to log on to the Stella Artois web-site, but for some reason I was blocked out. I immediately suspected a conspiracy theory- that Stella are trying to make more money out of us poor beer drinkers by selling the same beer under two different names.

However, the helpful people at 'Wikipedia' came to my rescue. It seems that they are indeed the same drink, and that in due course the 'Peetermans' name will be phased out and repackaged as 'Stella Artois 4%'.

So there we have it, it turned out not to be much of a story, but I thought I'd include it here because then everyone can enjoy looking at my photo of a lovely pint of Stella- mmmmmmm.

N.B. seeing as we are an independent pub guide it seems only fair to point out that other beers/lagers are available.


Blogger Mr H said...

I'm going to miss those funky blue cans. Maybe they'll be worth something one day...

1 September 2008 at 16:48  

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