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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mr H's Theory of Self-Perpetuating Busyness

We were out on the town again last night re-reviewing some Hereford pubs. If you regularly go out in the week you will have noticed that some pubs are eerily quiet (like the Spread last night) and some are insanely busy (like the Barrels last night).

What is the reason for some pubs always being busier than others when, if you look at them objectively using the HM Pub Guide review form (Patent pending) they score very similarly?

A theory that I'm working on is that some places are busy...because they are busy! Essentially everyone goes to a certain pub simply because everyone else goes there. This might be because all their mates are there or just because of the crowd mentality.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing - its just an interesting quirk of human nature. I'll keep you all posted on my continued research and next time you are sat in a very full or empty pub its something that you might want to ponder yourself.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Reviews Updated - The Moorfields, The Golden Lion and The Heart of Oak

A couple of weeks back we were out again re-reviewing some Hereford pubs. We checked out:

The Moorfields (left)
Now a more youthful pub. A bit too loud for us old farts on this visit!

The Golden Lion (right)
Still a locally kind of pub. Worth checking out if only for the zoo. Also a special celebrity appearance as confirmed by Wikipedia.

The Heart of Oak (centre)
A very decent all round pub. Good for food or for just a pint and a game of pool. Also rewards its regulars with its loyalty card scheme.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Service issues at The Old Market Inn

Yesterday we received the following email regarding The Old Market Inn:
"We have visited this pub on several occasions now usually for breakfast and it has always been very nice. However of late, there have been a few problems. Firstly the service has not been very good and we have received the wrong order and been overcharged. The quality of the food seems to have gone down too. There seems to be a problem whenever the young female staff are on, which is generally a Saturday. I must add that whenever the young gentleman ( I don’t know his name ) is working, he is first class and is always extremely amicable. He is a credit to the pub. It is a great shame as we used to go to Wetherspoons just around the corner and started going there as it was recommended to us."

- I am quite surprised at this as when we have visited the pub the service was good and no mistakes were made, so if anyone out there has any other observations about the service then please add your comments below. If the landlord wishes to reply to the above email then please send your message to us (at: email@hmpubguide.com) and we will forward it on.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Something tells me its all happening at the...Golden Lion?

As part of our continuing mission to update the reviews of Hereford's pubs we visited the Golden Lion on Grandstand Road the other week.

If you've never been there its well worth a visit if only to check out their most unusual array of animals they have gathered at the back of the pub.

These include a slightly scary parrot...
...A large collection of smaller birds.... ...Magic from Wacaday (remember him!)...It is actually him! Check out the bottom of the Wacaday Wikipedia page! ....And even some fish...There's also a rabbit and another enclosure at the back that may or may not have once housed a goat.

Check back soon for our full review and see how these unusual live exhibits influence our updated score!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Loyalty card at The Heart of Oak

Last week we visited, amongst other pubs, The Heart of Oak; whilst there we noticed this loyalty card scheme.
About a decade ago (or maybe longer) I remember having a discussion about such cards with Pete & Marina [and then Dave & Vicky] the landlords at The Rose and Crown at the time. I proposed a very similar arrangement to the one now currently in place at The Heart of Oak; however, they decided not to take up the scheme!
Anyway, I am pleased to see that finally, after all the price rises in beer lately, us drinkers are getting something back- well done The Heart of Oak.
To find out more click here to be directed to their official website; and to read our review click here.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lyme Regis (and surrounding area) pubs reviewed

Below are reviews of pubs I visited whilst on holiday. They are primarily situated in the lovely Dorset town of Lyme Regis (although there is 1 from Seaton & 1 from Charmouth). Coincidentally some of these pubs were also reviewed by Jo, and so to view the assessment forms simply click on the reviewers name [HMPG or Jo] below.
This is a great pub right on the beach, excellent atmosphere and is very friendly.
This is a nice pub in the centre of town, it's pleasant enough (and the food smells nice) but nothing special. I have been here once before (c. 2003) and I'm pleased to say it is much improved since then.
Another pub on the seafront at Lyme, this one boasts excellent views of the "Jurassic Coast". This seems to be the place to be if you like eating fishy things!
This is more of a local pub and is more cheep and cheerful than the rest, and caters for families (including the dog!), has a nice aquarium though!
This is a basement bar/restaurant on the main street and as a result is pretty unique. The view is a bit scary though, was being watched by a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull- see photo below!
  • Eyre Court, Seaton: HMPG
This pub is near the centre of town not far from the beach, it is very nicely decorated and can only be described as an upmarket local- neither good or bad.
  • The George, Charmouth: HMPG
This has to be one of my favourite pubs- ever! I've been here a few times and if you're ever in Charmouth then it's definitely worth a visit. There's no better place to spend the evening after a day on the beach fossil hunting. As you may or may not know this area of the coast (The Jurassic Coast) is well known for it's fossils and as such it is a World Heritage Site. I have spent many a happy hour finding amongst other things long dead ammonites and belemnites! Anyway, once you've collected your fossils, head here. The place couldn't be more welcoming and you can even feed a goat in the beer garden!

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