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Friday, 30 October 2009

4 more Hereford pubs re-reviewed

Last week we re-visited 4 more pubs in Hereford: The Grapes, The Left Bank, The Saracen's Head and The Game Cock. We found a wide variety of drinking establishments which cater for every conceivable type of drinker. To read the reviews simply just click on the pub names below.
The Grapes (pictured above)- This pub has recently had some alterations done to it (read previous blog post) however, there seems to be no change to the interior at all. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it still ranks in the top 5 drinking places in town.
The Left Bank (pictured above)- This has been closed for a few months and is now under new ownership. The seating area has been re-jigged and it seems a lot more relaxed and welcoming.
The Saracen's Head (pictured above)- What is there to say about this place, you'll have to go there to believe it, if you're brave enough!!!
The Game Cock (pictured above)- We didn't intend to walk this far but The Treacle Mine was closed (read previous blog post). However, what greeted us was a friendly and vibrant pub which many people think is a lot rougher than it really is; and definitely worth a visit.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Closing time at the Treacle Mine

On Tuesday night we spent the evening in and around town pub guiding. We planned our route in order to maximise the number of establishments that we could visit. Our final port of call was meant to be The Treacle Mine, the sign outside (pictured above) clearly states that it is open all day, but this was clearly not the case. Upon nearing the pub, at about 10:20pm, there were ominous signs of darkness; closer inspection revealed that the curtains were closed and the front door locked. We have now tried on two separate occasions to re-review this pub, but it looks like the review will have to wait a while longer. I'm not opposed to pubs closing early on quiet weekday nights, but what really annoys me is the false advertising of 'open all day' signs- how hard is it to display your opening times clearly by the front door!?! So if anybody knows the opening times of The Treacle Mine then please let us know.

Monday, 19 October 2009

New Bars in Hereford

Whilst wandering up High Town yesterday we noticed a couple of resurrected bars. First is The Loft which has opened in the spot above The Works. This venus has been empty for what seems like an eternity and we'll be checking out The Loft soon.

Also Zane is set to open in the spot vacated by Charlotte's Bar. As soon as it is open we'll be sure to take a look.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Official Hereford Pubs Graph

By popular demand we have re-instated the Official HM Pub Guide Hereford Pubs graph to use as a quick and handy reference guide of which pubs are hot and which pubs are not.

Click the image above to see the graph in all its glory. We'll keep a copy of the updated graph on the Official HM Pub Guide Hereford Pub Review page.

Why not print out a copy to use as a handy reference or you could even laminate it and use it as a table-mat - the possible uses are limited only by your imagination!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Refurbishment at The Grapes

Whilst walking along Church Street, past The Grapes earlier I noticed the sign below. I was immediately intrigued as to what was happening inside one of Hereford's oldest pubs. So if anyone has any news or insider knowledge then let us know. As soon as the new look pub is unveiled we'll be there to review it and hopefully post some photos for all you pub guiders to see.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Widemarsh Street Re-reviews

Last week we were out and about once again, this time updating our reviews for the Widemarsh Street pubs. We checked out four pubs in total - Click the names to see our latest reviews...

The Imperial - is definitely now gearing itself towards food. It does have a nice new sign though (pictured).

Saxtys - Now has several mid-week food-offers to try and get the punters in.

JDs - still a pub for the young-uns. Very quiet mid-week but always heaving on the weekends.

The Exchange - still a great and lively pub with lots to do but now starting to show its age.

It was a very enjoyable evening out and as a bonus I didn't get lost on the way back to the bus-stop either!

We also recently re-assessed The Bay Horse. This is another food-orientated pub but it is making some efforts to get the drinkers in. Click here for the full review.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Evenings 'R'Over?

If like me you regularly catch one of the Hereford City bus services when you're off out for an evening you will no doubt have noticed the shocking recent increase in the price of an Evening Rover ticket.

The price has recently leapt from a very reasonable £1.50 to a whopping £1.95 - a huge 30% increase! The suddenness of such a large increase is what I found most alarming.

Will this ultimately lead to fewer people nipping into town in the evening and therefore have an impact on pub trade during these difficult times? Only time will tell...

First Travel have certainly picked an interesting time to increase their prices.

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