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Monday, 28 June 2010

New Photo Gallery!

As mentioned by Mr M we have now updated our photo gallery section.

The new gallery is split into Hereford pubs and Non Hereford pubs and even allows users to add their own comments to each of the photos.

Be sure to check back regularly for newly added pictures and remember to keep emailing in your own pub photos!

UPDATE 01/07/2010: We've now also added a Scenic Photos gallery of nice pictures taken on our travels

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Carrots and The Wye

Last week we visited a pub in Hampton Bishop, just outside Hereford- The Bunch of Carrots (pictured below). To read the review just click here. What greated us was a lovely country pub and it's definitely worth a visit if you're passing.
We have also received a rather unflattering review of the Wye Inn (pictured below). To read J Smythe's full review click here. If anyone else has visited the Wye lately let us know what you think- is this review a true reflection of the present state of the pub or was it a one-off bad experience.
Check back soon to visit our all new and expanded gallery section.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Where to watch the World Cup

We're a week into the World Cup now so undoubtedly many pints have been drunk in the pubs of our city. With this in mind I was wondering which one provides the best "World Cup Experience." As well as having lots of TV's do some pubs have special promotions on during matches, or any other footie orientated events. Post your comments below so that the rest of us can watch the football in the best place in town.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Last week I took the family for an enjoyable holiday in Tenby, whilst there I managed to review a few pubs- just click on the pub names below to read the reviews:
This is a lovely little establishment in one of the oldest part of town, ideal for a quiet drink with the missus- which was handy as it was our anniversary when we went there!
This pub is ideally situated on the beach at Saundersfoot- stunning sea views and a nice pint- highly recommended.
Large, happening pub in the centre of Tenby. Lots of entertainment and games provided; and has a large, well equipped beer garden. Great atmosphere there- well worth a visit.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Treacle Mine claims a top 5 ranking

On Tuesday (after a prolonged, unavoidable break) we managed to mosey on in to town and re-asses 4 pubs, to read the all-new reviews just click on the pub names below:
This pub has seen a marked improvement since the new management team have taken over, their new position as the 5th best pub, with an overall mark of 70% is a testament to this- keep up the good work!
This pub too has a new landlord; however, so far little seems to have changed. The back bar seems slightly brighter and cleaner, but the beer garden has seen the greatest improvement since our last visit (see photo above).
Again a new landlord is in residence here, it certainly is a time of upheaval and change in the pubs of Hereford! The only change that we noticed to this charming, traditional pub is the addition of a pool table (see above).
What can you say about this place- it's geared towards the Friday/Saturday night binge drinking youngsters. There's very little furniture (apart from the back corner- see photo above) and on a typical mid week evening there's just no atmosphere. They have added a small smoking yard, but to be honest I'd give this a miss; but who knows, it might be just your cup of tea!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bouncers Beware!

From today (1st June 2010) all door staff must hold a licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). To see the full news story click here.
By a strange twist of fate- about a month ago at work I had to complete the 'Level 2 Door Supervisors Course' (even though I have no plans to be a bouncer!). Therefore I am in an ideal position to comment upon any bouncer issues that arise during our pub guiding sessions. I must say that I have never had any problems with the bouncers (or door supervisors to give them their proper name) in Hereford, and I can only hope that the new SIA licensing laws will fulfil their aims, that is: to ascertain the suitability of customers to be allowed on the premises, and to maintain order on those premises. Above all the SIA aims to design, set, maintain and raise the national standard for door supervisors; as previously the level of skill and competency in this area has varied enormously. For more information on the SIA, visit their website by clicking here, and for more specifics on Door Supervisors' licensing click here.

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