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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Its Christmas! Hereford Pub Decorations Rated

Last week we were out re-reviewing some of Hereford's pubs and we took to opportunity to also rate some of the pub Christmas decorations we saw. Here are our findings:

The Kings Fee (Wetherspoons)
Lots of (slightly tacky) tinsel decorations and two Christmas trees. Nice lights going up the stairs to the toilets too. The lack of festive music hinders the atmosphere somewhat though.
Xmas Rating: 3 and a half snowflakes

The Commercial
The decorations here are a bit sparse but the Christmas tree is very nice but features fit-inducing lights. There are some nice ponsetias too. What they've done, they've done well but more decorations are needed.
Xmas Rating: 2 and a half snowflakes

The Booth
Only a Christmas tree (pictured with Mr M) and no other decorations...but a lovely selection of Christmas music including Elton John's Step Into Christmas. A song which features the line "Step Into Christmas, the admission's free" sparking much debate.
Xmas Rating: 2 snowflakes


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