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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bowling Green, Queen's Arms, Manhattans & Exchange reviews

Last week we re-reviewed four pubs in town; to read the reviews click on the pub names below:
  • The Bowling Green (pictured top left)- this is your typical local, town pub; it's a bit rough around the edges and as such only scores 48%.
  • The Queen's Arms (pictured bottom right)- another town pub but this one is a bit smarter and nicer, and therefore scores 52%.
  • Manhattans (pictured bottom left)- what can you say about this place, it's way past it's best [we used to frequent it regularly 10yrs ago, but times have changed although Manhattans has not!], and rumours of it's closure are abundant. It only scored 44%.
  • The Exchange (pictured top right)- this is a great pub and definitely worthy of it's top 4 placing with 72%, if you're passing pop in- we recommend it!
We also travelled to Monmouth recently and whilst there had lunch in the local Wetherspoons- The King's Head (pictured below): although it's your typical Wetherspoons it has some unique features- there's lots of different seating areas, a nice beer garden, a slightly varied, local menu and the service was faultless; worthy of it's 62% score, I'd go there again!


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