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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Former Pubs of Hereford: The Sawyers Rest

If you've been down Burcott Road lately you've no doubt noticed that the scary low bridge has now gone but have you noticed something else that's missing? The Sawyers Rest has also been demolished.

Pictured below before the demolition thanks to Google Maps, The Sawyers Rest dated back to 1872 when it was originally known as Burcott Row before becoming known as The Rest in the 1880s. In the early part of the 20th century the pub was well known for brewing its own beer.
In the 1950s the pub became known as The Sawyers Rest and its remote location meant it soon gained a reputation for out of hours lock-ins.

Later on it became a Whitbread pub, and its fair to say it went downhill a bit, but retained its reputation for an all night lock-in. Indeed one poster on the Bulls Banter forum recalls one particular all-nighter there which ended with a fry-up supplied by the friendly landlord Nigel!


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