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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hereford City Pub Geography

Welcome to the fascinating world of Hereford pub geography which uses the often neglected HM Pub Guide Google Map to calculate some interesting facts about pubs located within Hereford's city limits!

Most Northern Pub: The Starting Gate
Most Southern Pub: The Wye Inn
Most Eastern Pub: The Cock of Tupsley
Most Western Pub: The Bay Horse. Yes we got our facts wrong in a previous blog post!

If you're planning a pub crawl and you're feeling a bit lazy the best places to head for are Commercial Road or Widemarsh Street. Here you can find six pubs all within a 100 metre radius:

Commercial Road 100m pub fest: The Merton, The Kings Fee, The Hop Pole, The Litten Tree, The Long Bar, The Nell Gwynne

Widemarsh Street 100m booze up: The Herdsman, The Old Market, JDs, The Exchange, Saxty's, The Imperial

On the other hand, if you're feeling particularly energetic the greatest distance between two individual pubs is the 4 mile trek between The Bay Horse and The Cock of Tupsley.

To see the full HM Pub Guide map click here. Its an invaluable tool whether you are planning a pub crawl or just fancy rustling up some tenuous pub facts!


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