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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

See the International Space Station from a Beer Garden

If you've been sat in a beer garden after sunset lately you may have been lucky enough to see a bright light crossing the sky above you. This isn't the result of any UFO activity or having one pint too many - its the International Space Station!

The warm evenings of the late Summer present a great time to view the ISS passing overhead. All you need is for it to be relatively dark and cloud free, and also know when the ISS is passing over.

The excellent Heaven's Above website will tell you exactly when to look upwards. You just need to select your viewing location and it'll do the rest for you. For the latest viewing times from Hereford click here.

What you will see is a small white dot that starts in the West part of the sky, gets steadily brighter as it passes overhead, before fading away as it moves Eastwards and back into the Earth's shadow.

So next time you're in a beer garden after sunset why not see if you can witness this amazing triumph of human achievement and raise a toast to the crew of the ISS floating above in near-Earth orbit.


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