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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mr H's Theory of Self-Perpetuating Busyness

We were out on the town again last night re-reviewing some Hereford pubs. If you regularly go out in the week you will have noticed that some pubs are eerily quiet (like the Spread last night) and some are insanely busy (like the Barrels last night).

What is the reason for some pubs always being busier than others when, if you look at them objectively using the HM Pub Guide review form (Patent pending) they score very similarly?

A theory that I'm working on is that some places are busy...because they are busy! Essentially everyone goes to a certain pub simply because everyone else goes there. This might be because all their mates are there or just because of the crowd mentality.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing - its just an interesting quirk of human nature. I'll keep you all posted on my continued research and next time you are sat in a very full or empty pub its something that you might want to ponder yourself.


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