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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Could it be Magic at the Golden Lion?...Errrr...No!

As exclusively revealed on the HM Pub Guide a few weeks back there is a cockatiel at The Golden Lion in Hereford that looks suspiciously like Magic from legendary 80s kids TV programme Wacaday.

The Hereford Times have picked up on this following a claim made on the Wacaday Wikipedia page that the Golden Lion's cockatiel is the actual Wacaday Magic. The story, as printed on Page 4 of this week's Hereford Times, is shown above and its also featured on their website.

As the story says, it turns out that its not the actual Magic but just a crafty look-a-like. There's even a quote from Timmy Mallet confirming that sadly the real Magic has now passed away and is buried in his garden.

The identity of the Wikipedia prankster remains unknown and the reference to The Golden Lion being Magic's home has now been removed from the online encyclopedia. You can view the original Wikipedia entry before the Magic reference was removed by clicking here.


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