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Friday, 15 July 2011

Service issues at The Old Market Inn

Yesterday we received the following email regarding The Old Market Inn:
"We have visited this pub on several occasions now usually for breakfast and it has always been very nice. However of late, there have been a few problems. Firstly the service has not been very good and we have received the wrong order and been overcharged. The quality of the food seems to have gone down too. There seems to be a problem whenever the young female staff are on, which is generally a Saturday. I must add that whenever the young gentleman ( I don’t know his name ) is working, he is first class and is always extremely amicable. He is a credit to the pub. It is a great shame as we used to go to Wetherspoons just around the corner and started going there as it was recommended to us."

- I am quite surprised at this as when we have visited the pub the service was good and no mistakes were made, so if anyone out there has any other observations about the service then please add your comments below. If the landlord wishes to reply to the above email then please send your message to us (at: email@hmpubguide.com) and we will forward it on.


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