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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

More Hereford re-reviews added

Last week we visited several pubs (mainly in Commercial Road) and re-evaluated them. First up is The Commercial (pictured below): there have been a few changes here- there interior seems brighter than it was and the area by the pool table has been re-jigged and expanded, and if you're after some peace and quiet then the lounge is the place to be.
Secondly, we visited The Hop Pole (pictured below): this is still a great pub and it'll be interesting to see if the loss of Daryl -the previous landlord- will impact upon the pub.
Thirdly, we visited The Litten Tree (pictured below): this is another popular pub which is justifiably in the top 3. It's hard to find fault with these last 2 pubs and we can only hope that the landlords/managers and staff continue to carry on their good work.
We have also received 3 reader reviews- just click on the reviewer's names below to read their thoughts:
The Bunch of Carrots by Jo and Peter M
The Britannia Inn by "Friendly Neighbour"


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