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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Long Bar, Nell Gwynne, Wye Inn & Gilbies re-reviewed

Last week saw 4 more Hereford pubs re-reviewed. First up is The Long Bar on Commercial Road (pictured top left)- this is a long, thin bar (hence it's name) in the centre of town, there always seems to be a friendly welcome here but there now seems to be a very sticky floor and certain pool shots are hampered by the thin nature of the building- but no-where's perfect.
Secondly is The Nell Gwynne (pictured top right)- this is a old-style local pub and as such has it's own, unique charm. This is a type of pub we classify as a "time machine pub" as you can't tell from the interior what year you are in (watch out for a future blog post on this topic).
Next up is The Wye Inn (pictured bottom left)- this pub has slipped down the rankings recently and we have had several comments about poor service; however, it's not a bad pub and is worth a visit if you're in the area.
Lastly is Gilbies in High Town (pictured bottom right)- this is more of a bistro than a drinking pub, but there is a lovely courtyard beer garden which takes you away from the hustle and bussle of town life. On our previous visit Frank Carson was drinking there, but on this occasion no celebrities were present (we weren't sure but after checking we are pleased to announce that Frank is still alive and well).


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