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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Time Machine Pubs

On our recent travels we've visited a fair few pubs that have been left almost untouched by the modern age. Pubs with an almost timeless quality about them.

Imagine if you will a time traveller from the future were to visit one of these pubs. How would they know what year they were in? What clues would there be to indicate exactly 'when' they were? After a few drinks one night a new game evolved based around this concept - The Time Machine Pub Game (TM)

You too can play along...All you have to do is sit in a pub and look for clues around you that would indicate to that theoretical time traveller what year it was. It may surprise you just how difficult this might be in some pubs.

For a tougher challenge don't allow yourselves to use the anachronism of the nice shiny LCD screen on the wall as a clue - pretend its not there and keep looking for something else to date the pub by.

Oh yeah, and judging the year by the price of a round of drinks is frowned upon by connoisseurs of the art of the Time Machine Pub too.

So far, the earliest dated Time Machine Pub locally was stuck in space year 1977 - If you find any earlier ones yourselves be sure to let us know!


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