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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Toilet signage at The Grapes- UPDATE

Finally there's new toilet signage at The Grapes...
Ever since this website was founded there has been reports of vanishing toilet door signs at The Grapes. We first reported the issues in an early blog back in March 2007, and it is even mentioned in the Official HMPG Review- where we invite you all to play the game: "Will the gent's door have a sign on?" However, I am now pleased to report that there is new, clear signage there now, as you can see by these photos. This might seem like a trivial thing- and indeed it is- but little things like this make all the difference, a few easy points can be won or lost, which could mean the difference of a few ranking places. For the moment I will sleep easy knowing that all the customers of The Grapes know where to spend a penny lol


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