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Friday, 13 August 2010

Even more Hereford re-reviews

Last week we continued our quest to find the best pub in Hereford by re-reviewing 4 more pubs, just click on the pub names below to read the reviews:
This is a nice enough pub but it depends on what you're looking for as to whether you'll like it, there's good cheap beer- with lots of guest ales, but I would say that the place lacks a bit of atmosphere due to the lack of music, tv's, pool tables etc. but that being said the pub is ideally placed (at the heart of Commercial Road) to start your night out here and maybe move on to look for more entertainment later on. As such it scores an impressive 73% which puts it 3rd in the rankings.
Almost directly opposite Wetherspoons is The Merton, and it couldn't be more different. This is a quiet, cozy bar which is nice enough and it does have a strange selection of lagers on tap! It scored a pretty average 55% which leaves it in 36th place.
Just round the corner from Commercial Road is The Old Market, this is a fairly modern refurbed pub and is as good now as it's ever been. However, on this visit all lagers were off and no explanation was forthcoming- otherwise very nice though. It scored a creditable 65% which puts it just outside the top ten in 12th place.
This is another nice town pub that had a refurb a few years ago, it seems to be aiming at a "classier" clientelle than the pubs around it- which is fair enough and it is always welcoming enough. It scored 59% which leaves it in 21st place.


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