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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Drunken Aussie survives attempt to ride croc

A man who had too much to drink is recovering today after he attempted to ride a 16-foot saltwater crocodile at a zoo in Australia and was bitten in the leg.The 36-year-old man broke into the wildlife park after he was thrown out of a bar. He tried to sit on one of the crocodiles, named Fatso (pictured above), and give him a pat on the head. Police say Fatso didn't appreciate the gesture and bit him.
"Fatso has taken offense to this and has spun around and bit this man on the right leg," Sgt. Roger Haynes of Broome said in a press conference.
The zoo's owner, Malcolm Douglas, said the cool weather may have saved the man's life. "They're cold-blooded animals, so their reflexes slow down," Douglas stated: "If it had been a hot night, he would have been dead."
After sustaining a nasty flesh wound, the man headed back to the bar where he had been kicked out before his reptilian romp. Mark Phillips, the bar's manager, said that the man returned to the pub that night with pieces of bark sticking out of his leg. He's expected to fully recover.You can read more on this story by clicking here.


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