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Friday, 16 July 2010

The Britannia Reborn

Last night we visited the all-new Britannia on Cotterell Street. What greeted us was not what we expected.
The interior has been completely gutted and rebuilt, and instead of the tired, old decor a modern, bright and vibrant pub has been created. This is a vast improvement on the old "Britannia Arms" days and we would recommend you all to try out what we can only describe as: " the most changed and improved pub in Hereford."
Preliminarily, we have scored The Britannia with 63%- this is a great improvement on it's old score of 48%, and puts it just outside the top 10. We will revisit and re-review the pub in a few months, to see how things are settling in. But in the meantime we would like to wish the landlord/landlady all the best in this new venture.If anyone else has visited the new Britannia then let us know what you think, and why not fill in an on-line assessment form by clicking here.


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