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Friday, 23 July 2010

Whitecross pubs re-reviewed

Last August we re-reviewed 4 pubs in this area of town, click here to read the corresponding blog post. In that post we promised to re-review the other pubs in this area. Well I am pleased to announce that those reviews are now completed. To read the all-new reviews click on the pub names below:
This pub has been completely gutted and re-built inside, as it's so new it has had it's own blog post below "Britannia Reborn" it's definitely worth a look and scored an impressive 64% which leaves it just outside the top 10.
This pub can be described as very average which is exemplified by it's mark of 54% and its position in the mid-table at number 37. It's neither that good or that bad, but a good pint can be had here- which is all that really counts.
We expected the H&G to be bit of a scary local pub, but this was not entirely true, the place was quite welcoming added to by the fact that going in there is like going through a time warp to the late 1970's- that is until you buy a drink, then you get yanked back to the future with 2010 prices! It scored a rather disappointing 45% which could easily be improved with a bit of investment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complete and utter dive.

21 December 2014 at 00:51  

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