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Thursday, 27 August 2009

4 Hereford Pubs Re-Reviewed

Tuesday night saw a mammoth HMPG pub review session. We re-reviewed several pubs in Whitecross and saw a wide variety of public houses. We started off in The Monument (pictured above) the review can be seen by clicking here- but it's safe to say that this pub is still one of the best in Hereford and easily retains it's place in the top 5.
Our journey then took us along Whitecross Road towards town, and our next port of call was The Buckingham (pictured above). Although mainly a food orientated pub, it is very welcoming and much better than the grim old days some of you may remember before the refurbishment, click here to read the review, and see if it retains its place in the top 20.
Next up we ventured into the back streets of Whitecross to sample two very locally-type pubs. First was the Cotterell Arms (pictured above). What greeted us was a slightly run down lounge with a close knit group of regulars. However, we were left alone to drink our beer in piece, and didn't get so much as a nasty look- although I was too scared to get my camera out; so in order for you to see the interior you'll have to go there yourselves! Click here to read our review.
Finally our journey took us to The Brittannia Arms (pictured above). Again this is a local pub for local people, but has always been more welcoming. That night there was a folky-type band jamming which provided a unique atmosphere, and the new landlord was very chatty and friendly. Again the place is a bit run down and rough around the edges, but we'll have to wait and see if the new management tidies the place up a bit. What is worth a mention is the free pool table, which was a welcome sight after having to pay a pound a game at The Monument. Just click here to read our review.

We are now planning another trip to re-review the rest of the pubs in Whitecross/Belmont area, including: The Plough, The Horse and Groom, The Vaga Tavern and The Three Counties.

As ever we look forward to reading your comments and reviews, just click on the links above and right to contact us.


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