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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Confusion at The Wye Inn

Last night the entire HM Pub Guide Team (along with their partners and children) decided to go out for a meal to celebrate Mr M's birthday. We decided to go to The Wye Inn as it is close and has a large play area for the kids. However, our evening was ruined by the fact that after ordering a round of drinks, and consulting the menu, we went to order food- only to be told that the kitchen was closed. There were no notices to say this, in fact the opposite was the case- whilst walking through the car park there were 2 notice boards stating the restaurant opening times. Upon sitting at the tables, menus were placed all around and there was salt and vinegar pots on every table. I don't so much mind the fact that the kitchen was closed, it's just the underhand way they went about pretending that nothing was different to normal. So I'm sorry to say that I will be not entering the premises for a few months in protest, I might not even go back there till we have to (in a year or so) re-review it! Harsh words I know, but they really p*#@ed me off- it's up to you to make your own minds up.


Blogger Johno said...

Sorry I have to agree with you Mr M, this is one establishment where the customer is certainly NOT right.

No surprise that the pub is empty most of the time - the staff are far too argumentative.

11 June 2010 at 07:19  

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