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Saturday, 3 April 2010

The North/South divide in Hereford

The south of Hereford is lacking in amenities compared to the north bank of the Wye, this includes the number of pubs. Although several have closed (e.g. The Ship), some (like The Treacle Mine) have re-opened, but what we don't know is which is the best. Just click on your favourite below, and feel free to leave any comments; and if I've left off your favourite pub then vote for "other" but write the pub name in the comments section below the poll.
What's the best pub south of the river?
The Broadleys
The Game Cock
The Grafton Inn
The Saracens Head
The Three Counties
The Treacle Mine
The Vaga Tavern
The Wye Inn
Other (please specify below)
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