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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pub football in 3D

As has been much publicised selected Premier League matches are now available to watch in 3D at pubs across the country.

In Hereford, The Monument has been kitted out with all the gear needed to view the games in 3D. Punter's opinions on the experiment seem to be mixed. Many point out that stadium shots and on-screen graphics look great but the 3D doesn't add much to the actual football shots.
Have any of our readers checked out a 3D match yet? If so let us know your thoughts.

My own personal opinion is that the whole 3D phase we are going through at the moment will be something of a passing fad. I may be proved wrong as the technology improves but until they find a reliable way to pull off the 3D effect to a mass audience without the dodgy glasses I can't see it taking off in the long run.

Anyway, if punters want to take their football experience to the next level surely a trip to their local football stadium is the best way - and of course you can always nip to the pub or adjoining bar (hint: Radfords!) after the match for some post match analysis over a couple of pints.


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