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Friday, 9 April 2010

The happiest job in the world? Probably!

Workers at Danish brewer Carlsberg have gone on strike for a second day prompting fears of a World Cup lager shortage. UK supplies should be OK as most of our Carlsburg is brewed in Northampton and Leeds but what is really interesting is the reason for the strike...

Warehouse workers and drivers are striking as the company are now limiting the drinking of alcohol to worker's lunch breaks. Previously free beer was available to all on the factory floor and even drivers were encouraged to get beered up during working hours. Alcohol locks were in place on vans though to ensure no drivers were over the legal limit.

It seems that health and safety laws have finally caught up with the Danish firm. Maybe it could be argued that their policy of free beer for all was the ultimate in quality control though. What better way to ensure an excellent product than to allow the workers to help themselves to the finished article as they worked!


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