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Friday, 18 July 2008

An Easy Mistake to Make...?

Has anybody else fallen for this particular quirk in Widesmarsh Street, Hereford. Picture the scene...

You've been out on the town in Hereford and are on your way back to the Tescos bus stop in an effort to get that last bus home before its too late. Legging it up Widemarsh Street you opt to take the route down the delightful Mansion House Walk (that little alleyway by Blacks) which should take you almost directly to the bus stop.

But no, in your haste its all too easy to instead go down the side alleyway by the Imperial and end up by a load of bins and other such nicities. It might even take you a little while to realise your mistake leading to much confusion in your slightly merry brain. For a brief second it seems as if you have entered an alternative reality before you realise your mistake and sheepishly turn around hoping nobody has seen you for the idiot that you are.

I must have done this on at least three seperate occasions! Surely it can't just be me?!?!?


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