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Friday, 11 July 2008

Hereford Pub Watch – July 2008

The on-going pub closing/opening merry-go-round continues with the pub’s of Hereford city. Recent developments have seen the closure of the Litchfield Vaults but the re-opening of the Orange Tree.

This week the HM Pub Guiders enjoyed a quiet pint in the Orange Tree beer garden and we can confirm that the pub is much the same as it was pre-closure which is no bad thing. An impressively large Stella umbrella can be found in the back beer garden too.

Mystery surrounds the closure of the Litch though. Is it just an extended Summer break or a more permanent closure? If you’ve heard any gossip drop us a line.

Some good news is the imminent re-opening of The Newmarket. We eagerly await August’s unveiling and are intrigued to see what the new landlords have done with the place. The early signs are for a more food-orientated venue but we can only hope that they have also catered for the drinkers. We’ve enjoyed many a pint in the cosy ‘Old’ Newmarket down the years.


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