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Friday, 19 March 2010

What are fathers meant to do? -sexism in pubs

Whilst visiting a pub last week I noticed the above toilet signs, this got me to thinking what does a bloke do if the baby he's with needs a nappy change. I have a 10 week old son, and quite often we have a wander round town; if he's due a feed then I'd happily pop into a pub, and it's milk for him and a pint for me. But what happens after that? He invariably dirties his nappy halfway through a bottle, so where do I change him? I can hardly go in the "ladies", and it's not really fair to change him on the table, especially if there are people close by having a meal.
So I call upon all pubs not to be sexist (if there were baby changing facilities in the gents and none in the ladies- imagine the uproar), either have a separate changing facility or put one in both toilets. Don't make things even harder for blokes to spend time with their kids!


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