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Thursday, 25 September 2008

The All New HM Pub Guide Facebook Group Page

The HMPG now has it's own Facebook group page. So for all of you
account holders login here and then type in "HM Pub Guide" in the search box at the top right of the screen.
There you can find all the latest news and gossip, plus the chance to meet and talk to other like minded HM Pub Guiders, post photos and videos and join in group discussions. Join the group today and help us expand our ever growing database the of pubs of Great Britain.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New Reviews Added

Last night we visited a new bar in town- Arte's on the corner of St. Ethelbert and St. Owen's Street (formerly known as Doodies).

What we found was very pleasant. Although very posh and expensive looking we are pleased to announce that the pricing is reasonable and is definitely worth checking out. See our full review here.
Whilst on our travels we have also re-reviewed The Barrels, The Queen's Arms and The Grandstand. Check out their new standings here- and you will also notice a new section added; that of closed down pubs- if anyone has any news regarding the re-opening of these pubs then drop us a line.
We have also received another review from our most prolific reviewer: "Rob E". He has already reviewed 18 pubs for the Guide, and his 19th review is of The Old Market Inn.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through...Catalonia?

We've received another review from a pub in sunnier climes. Grievesie has sent in a review for the Robin Hood Pub near Barcelona - located between Malgrat and Santa Susanna.

It sounds like a home-from-home abroad and as close as you can get to a British Pub atmosphere overseas. As Grievesie explains in his review:

"This was an amazing bar run be two charming English gentlemen. The main thing I liked about this pub was everything was English - all the beers and ales were imports. They even had Newcastle Brown Ale on tap!

The kitchen served bacon sarnies, chicken and chips - anything you wanted really with Heinz Tomato Ketchup and HP sauce."

Check out Grievesie's full review here where he details the bar games on offer and tells of a Dad's Army sing-a-long.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hereford United away trip pubs - Southend 13/09/2008

The Bulls are on the road again this Saturday - this time making their way down to Southend (Pictured above is the beautiful Southend Pier). Many thanks to ExLandlord over at the Bulls Banter Forum who has recommended the following pubs to travelling Hereford fans:
"The nearest Pub to accept visitors is The Golden Lion just up the A127 from the car park. It does get busy but the service is good and it has Sky TV on big screens although it is a bit of a fizzy beer outlet.
The nearby Spread Eagle is mainly a home Pub but usually accepts well-behaved visitors and sports a selection that includes London Pride, Spitfire, Highgate and Bombardier. Going back to the traffic lights, you will find The Blue Boar with Tetleys and Green King IPA. The Nelson in North Road may be worth a look as it has Sky and a beer garden.
A mile from the ground on London Road is The Trading Room, a converted Bank that reportedly serves Courage Directors and Ridleys Old Bob along with decent food.
The delightful Golden Mile seafront offers a multitude of premises including The Liberty Belle, which does a Real Ale or two although nothing of particular note. Close to the Pier, you will find a gynormous Wetherspoons trading as The Last Post. It offers the usual fare including Spitfire, Directors and Theakstons Best as well as several guests and TWO CIDERS (probably fizzy).
Please note, The Shrimpers Bar at the ground is now members only and no alcohol is served inside the stadium although refreshments are available from a cafe type building behind the North Stand."

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Your Reviews Updated - Mixed reviews for The Grandstand!

Thanks for your latest submissions. Check out the Reviews section to see the latest additions. These include two contrasting reviews of the recently refurbished Grandstand (pictured). Regular contributor Rob E has given a glowing review whereas William Thomson has contrasting views.

Also reviewed by William Thomson are The Kings Fee, and The Nell Gwynne. In addition Jenny Vernal has sent us a review of The Black Lion.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Our Best Month... EVER

It seems that the new and improved website has achieved it's goal. August 2008 has proved to be our most popular month- ever, with 768 recorded hits. Below is a graph showing the daily breakdown of recorded hits:We have also received several more reviews:
The Black Lion- by Jenny Vernel.
Nell Gwynne, Grandstand, King's Fee (Wetherspoons) - all by William Thompson.
and from further afield: Robin Hood Pub, Santa Susanna, Spain.
These reviews (and any others we receive) will all be published soon, so keep checking back to see your name up in lights for the world to see!

Monday, 1 September 2008

New Stella Brand Available- or is there???

I was walking around a local supermarket the other day, and what did I see on offer? Only a new type of Stella Artois! seeing as it was only £3 for 4 cans I thought I'd give it a go; however, I was immediately suspicious as the new brand was 4% alcohol and I already had in my fridge at home Peetermans Artois- which was also 4%. So I thought to myself I'd better do a taste test!!!

After several cans of each variety, and much to my partners annoyance, I was quite drunk but my point was proved. I was unable to tell the difference between the 2 beers. The next day I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I tried to log on to the Stella Artois web-site, but for some reason I was blocked out. I immediately suspected a conspiracy theory- that Stella are trying to make more money out of us poor beer drinkers by selling the same beer under two different names.

However, the helpful people at 'Wikipedia' came to my rescue. It seems that they are indeed the same drink, and that in due course the 'Peetermans' name will be phased out and repackaged as 'Stella Artois 4%'.

So there we have it, it turned out not to be much of a story, but I thought I'd include it here because then everyone can enjoy looking at my photo of a lovely pint of Stella- mmmmmmm.

N.B. seeing as we are an independent pub guide it seems only fair to point out that other beers/lagers are available.

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