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Monday, 22 February 2010

More Hereford Re-Reviews Added

Last week saw the HM Pub Guide Team re-review 5 Hereford pubs, just click on the pub names below to read the all-new reviews:
  • The Litten Tree (pictured below)- seeing as this was voted the "2009 Pub of the Year" it seemed only fair to re-evaluate the establishment. What we found was a nice, bright, welcoming pub that's great for watching sporting events in, it also serves red Guinness- which different!
  • The Barrels (pictured below)- what can we say about this place- opinion is definitely divided, you either love it or hate it. However, it must be said that there is a wide variety of good beers available.
  • The Victory (pictured below)- this place never changes, it still looks like a boat- see picture below.
  • The Volunteer (pictured below)- a nice, little pub in the back streets of Hereford. The toilets are outside though, and it was -4 degrees C on this visit, grrrr!
  • Zane Wine Bar and Bistro (pictured below)- this was formerly called Charlotte's, not a lot has changed since then, it's primarily geared towards dining but is very welcoming.
  • We have also had a review of The Cock of Tupsley sent in anonymously. They had nothing bad to say about the place and describe their visit as: "In short a very impressive night out and would not hesitate to use it again on a regular basis..."


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