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Thursday, 21 January 2010

HM and Son Pub Guide

The future of the HM PUB GUIDE is secure.
I am pleased to report that two weeks ago Mrs. M gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Mother and baby (and father) are doing well and the future of the HMPG is now assured. For the next few weeks (and possibly months) you might notice a decline in the amount of updates and reviews added to the site. I hope you will be understanding throughout this period and stick with us; as once we get into some sort of routine, and get more sleep at night I will be able to donate some more of my free time to everyone's favourite pub guide. I look forward to handing over the whole operation to Master M in 18 years time- I can only hope that Mr. H sires a son in that time so we don't have to change the name and logo!


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