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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pub Quiz Trivia

Below are some interesting facts and trivia that you may find interesting; and who knows, one day they might prove useful in a pub quiz!

Who had the most UK hit records without a No1?
Depeche Mode- 42 chart entries but none reached higher than No4.
How many cigarettes are smoked worldwide every day? About 15billion.
Why does alcohol make you drunk? It slows the brain and increases the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is related to pleasure.

What was the first name of Officer Dibble in Top Cat? Charlie.
How many different surnames are there in the UK?
About 1.38million divided between 60.78million people- one surname for every 44 people.

Why is roulette sometimes called The Devil's Game? The numbers on the wheel add up to 666.
You sail a boat, fly a plane, but what do you do with a submarine? Drive.
Which is the nearest Commonwealth country to the UK? Malta.
How many different wines are there? More than 60,000.
How many people did Skippy the bush kangaroo save? In 91 TV episodes Skippy and human sidekick Sonny saved 39 people- plus a Siamese cat and a wombat.
Where did the term freelancing originate? The first 'free lancers' were medieval soldiers, often armed with lances, who sold their services to the highest bidder.
What happens when you put slices of cucumber on your eyelids? Cucumber acts as a mild astringent. In other words, it shrinks body tissue and so reduces puffiness in the short term.
Who made the Nazi SS uniforms? Designer Hugo Boss.
Why doesn't a trick candle go out when you blow on it? The wick has magnesium flakes which ignite from the relatively low heat of the just extinguished wick.
What is the highest number of winners of the National Lottery jackpot? The draw on November 14, 1995, saw 133 ticket holders share £16million.
Is it true that the people who paint white lines on roads get paid more than firemen? White-line painters earn £53,000 a year compared to an average firefighter's £25,000.
Where is the world's biggest car park? West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, has space for more than 20,000 vehicles.
Is it true that a male Hollywood star played a female in all his films? Yes, Lassie is a female character but all nine 'Lassies' have been played by male dogs.
Which animal has the most teeth? Snails- they have 15,000 to 50,000.
How many cats are there on the Isle of Dogs? Assuming the national average of one cat for every six residents, there are 20,000.
Why isn't the Rotherhithe Tunnel under the Thames straight? It was built with bends so horses would not see the light at the end from a distance and bolt for the exit.

If anyone else knows any other random trivia and facts, and wishes to expand our minds then feel free to add it on the comments section below.


Anonymous Mr H said...

The country Brazil is named after the nut and not the other way round!

The average piece of paper can be folded a maximum of seven times - if you could somehow fold it 100 times then it would be thick enough to reach the moon!

26 November 2009 at 14:11  
Blogger Mr M said...

Work is three times as dangerous as war. Around 2 million people die every year from work related accidents and diseases, as opposed to only 650,000 who are killed in war.

26 November 2009 at 18:09  

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