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Friday, 30 October 2009

4 more Hereford pubs re-reviewed

Last week we re-visited 4 more pubs in Hereford: The Grapes, The Left Bank, The Saracen's Head and The Game Cock. We found a wide variety of drinking establishments which cater for every conceivable type of drinker. To read the reviews simply just click on the pub names below.
The Grapes (pictured above)- This pub has recently had some alterations done to it (read previous blog post) however, there seems to be no change to the interior at all. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it still ranks in the top 5 drinking places in town.
The Left Bank (pictured above)- This has been closed for a few months and is now under new ownership. The seating area has been re-jigged and it seems a lot more relaxed and welcoming.
The Saracen's Head (pictured above)- What is there to say about this place, you'll have to go there to believe it, if you're brave enough!!!
The Game Cock (pictured above)- We didn't intend to walk this far but The Treacle Mine was closed (read previous blog post). However, what greeted us was a friendly and vibrant pub which many people think is a lot rougher than it really is; and definitely worth a visit.


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