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Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Pubs of Prague

A couple of weeks ago Myself and Miss W spent a delightful few days in Prague. Whilst there we of course took the opportunity to visit some of the local pubs.

To those visiting the Czech Republic it should be noted that there are a few distinct differences between pubs there and those back home. The first is that smoking is prevalent everywhere and nowhere that we visited even had a non-smoking area.

Also of note is that the normal practice is to keep a tab at the bar and settle the bill at the end of the evening. Additionally, watch out for some cunning publicans leaving snacks on your table for you to sample only to sneakily charge for them later - even if you hadn't requested them.

The good news is that beer is cheap, cheap, cheap in Prague. Expect to pay half the price you do in the UK per pint - well, per half litre anyway.

In total we officially reviewed 3 Prague boozers. Click the links below for the full details:
Redeta (pictured left and centre)
Cafe Mojito (pictures right)
Cafe Riva (pictures too dark to show!)

Pretty soon we'll be setting up a seperate International Pubs page with reviews from around the globe. If you have any pubs you'd like is to include send us a review in the usual way.


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