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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Last Orders at the Bar

The other night myself and Mrs M, along with Mr and Mrs H had an enjoyable night out in The Old Market Inn; however, the evening was brought to an abrupt end!!!We booked and had a meal in the evening and then moseyed on round to the bar for a few after dinner drinks. As we merrily chatted and drank the night away we were blissfully unaware of the passage of time. Then as I approached the bar to get another round I discovered that the bar was closed, looking at my watch I realised that it was indeed 11pm and therefore reasonable enough that they stopped serving. However...

What really annoyed me was the fact that nobody called: "last orders", or "time at the bar- the bar is now closed." In this era of relaxed licensing laws when pubs can stay open 'till the small hours in the morning, how are we meant to plan our evening when no one can be bothered to tell you when the bar is closing. After all we had spent over a hundred pounds in the establishment that night, the barman wasn't exactly rushed of his feet, he knew what we were drinking, and how hard would it have been for him to say something like: "We're closing the bar in a few minutes, do you fancy one last pint?"

So, due to his shoddy barmanship and lack of professionalism there was a slightly bitter end to our otherwise enjoyable night out. So, to all bar staff out there, I urge you to give us some warning when you're closing the bar, and then allow us our 20 minutes drinking up time- like we had in the good old days- it's not much to ask for!!!


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