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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Guest Ales at Wetherspoons

Last Wednesday Mr. H and myself met in town with the intention of re-reviewing several pubs along Commercial Road. Our first stop was Wetherspoons, but that was as far as our pub-crawl got. The reason for this abrupt change of plan was the fact that several Guest Ales were on sale and all for £1.29 per pint. It was a night like this a few years ago that the seeds for the HM Pub Guide were sewn. Therefore, we thought we would try something new; so we would like to introduce a new feature to the Pub Guide- Reviews of Guest Ales.

Feel free to add your own reviews of any ales that you have sampled.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Closing time for the Pubs of Hereford?

I've noticed a worrying trend of late. It seems that the pubs and bars of Hereford are in decline - in numbers at least. In recent months we have seen the closure of The Newmarket (hopefully to be re-opened at some point), Sinkums and The Bar Next to Doodies. Also it seems that the Liquid Lounge is now only open on weekends to members.

Is this a worrying glimpse of the future or am I worrying about nothing? It seems that nowadays the only thriving pubs are those large chain pubs and the smaller, more charismatic places are fading away.

Is the smoking ban to blame? Is it down to the change of licencing laws? Global warming? Let us know your thoughts...

Monday, 8 October 2007

Bouncer Trouble (and I don't mean the dog from Neighbours!)

We have just received a review of the Hop Pole from an anonymous source, I found the comments made very interesting, so thought I'd publish them here for the World to see (the entire review will be added to the "Your Pub Ratings" section very soon):

"On the night of 11th August 2007, I was enjoying myself with some friends on a night-out. However, this good night was compromised when we went into the Hop-Pole down Commercial Road in Hereford. As on all nights out you do expect some mishaps along the way! As whilst I was enjoying a Pint with my friends in the Hop Pole, I happened to spill my some of my drink over my Front, so therefore needing a trip to the toilets to clean myself up. One would assume that going to the toilets isn't recognised as a severe threat, but according to the Doormen at the Hop-Pole that night it was, as soon as I had vacated the toilets, I had been almost lynched by not just one doormen but about three of them which I thought was really unreasonable, as they went far to over the top as they had me in a restraint arm-lock (Both arms around my back sort of thing) As it wasn't like I was being aggressive or disorderly. However the Doormen didn't stop there, as I was waiting outside for my friends near the big iron gates attached to the side of the building, one of the doormen approached me again, and I hardly looked like a threat standing there. I have now understandably not chosen to go in the Hop-Pole ever again on a nigh-out with friends, as I think the way those doormen treated me was unfair in my eyes.

- I understand that the Manager of the Hop-Pole goes on this site occasionally, so I suggest he or she has a good read of this!!"

So there we have it, has anyone else had trouble with doormen, let us know.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Lewis Hamilton- F1 Champion?

Last Sundays Japanese Grand Prix has left Lewis Hamilton with a realistic chance of winning the Formula 1 World Championship at this weekends Chinese Grand Prix. However, as this race is over the other side of the World it is on our screens at 6am. Seeing as we have relaxed licensing laws now, does anyone know if any pubs will be open and showing the race?

It only seems right that we should be able watch the first Briton to win the crown, since that memorable day in 1996 when Damon Hill triumphed, in a pub. Every other sporting event is shown live, so let's cheer on Lewis together- all whilst having a few beers!!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Starry, starry night.

During my long walks home from the pub, my mind and gaze usually wander towards the heavens. Therefore I thought others may be drawn to the night sky and contemplation of our place in the Universe. So I introduce another new monthly blog entry: it shows maps of the October 2007 northern hemisphere night sky, and other interesting things to look out for. At this time of year the Milky Way can be seen arching overhead, with the brightest section plunging down to the south and then south-west as the evening progresses. Sitting high across this faint band of light are three bright stars that form the Summer Triangle. The top-left star of the trio is Deneb, the leading star of Cygnus, the Swan. Off to its right is the brightest member, Vega, in Lyra, the Harp. Finishing off the triangle lower down is Altair, the main star of Aquila, the Eagle.

Our innermost planet is off to the right of the Sun, and too low on the horizon to be seen in the evening skies for most of the month. Day by day, it closes in on the Sun and inferior conjunction happens on the 24th. This is the moment when the planet passes between the Earth and the Sun.

You may catch a glimpse of Mercury during the last few days of the month, when it'll be close to Spica, the leading star in Virgo, the Maiden.

Venus is low in the south-east in the mornings. At a magnitude -2.5, it will be an unmistakably brilliant beacon of light.

On the 7th, Venus, Regulus (the leading star in the constellation of Leo, the Lion) and Saturn will sit in a nice triangle. On the same day, the Moon occults (moves in front of) Regulus in the brightening dawn sky, at 6.15am

On the 16th, Venus moves directly underneath Saturn too, so there's plenty going on for this planet over the month.

Mars has risen by 11pm from the north of east. It's high in the south at dawn, and easy to spot. Look for it in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins all month. At magnitude -0.1, it will look like a fairly bright red star.

On the 4th, the planet moves just below M35 a fine star cluster at the feet of the Twins so it's worth a look in binoculars or a small telescope. The Moon is to the left of the planet late evening on the 2nd and then again on the 31st.

This Jovian giant can be found low in the south-west after sunset. At the start of the month you have a couple of hours to see the planet, as it moves slowly through the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. At the end of September it sets more than an hour earlier.

The ringed planet is hanging in the east at dawn, in the constellation of Leo, the Lion. There are several chances to find Saturn easily: super shiny Venus is close by between the 11th and 18th, while the Moon sits off to the right on the 7th.

Meteor Showers
October is the time for the Orionids. The date to see the maximum number of 'shooting stars' is on October 21st, when, with good skies, you may see up to 25 meteors per hour. The Moon is a waxing gibbous on this night, but its light will be only a slight nuisance - it moves down towards the south-west whist the meteors appear over from the east.

Phases of the Moon

New Moon: 11th
First quarter: 19th
Full Moon: 26th
Last quarter: 3rd

September's Viewing Figures

In order to keep our readers fully informed, we thought we'd include this new monthly blog posting which you may find interesting.

It shows the number of hits the HM PUB GUIDE received during September 2007.

Unique hits since 22/08/2006