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Monday, 8 October 2007

Bouncer Trouble (and I don't mean the dog from Neighbours!)

We have just received a review of the Hop Pole from an anonymous source, I found the comments made very interesting, so thought I'd publish them here for the World to see (the entire review will be added to the "Your Pub Ratings" section very soon):

"On the night of 11th August 2007, I was enjoying myself with some friends on a night-out. However, this good night was compromised when we went into the Hop-Pole down Commercial Road in Hereford. As on all nights out you do expect some mishaps along the way! As whilst I was enjoying a Pint with my friends in the Hop Pole, I happened to spill my some of my drink over my Front, so therefore needing a trip to the toilets to clean myself up. One would assume that going to the toilets isn't recognised as a severe threat, but according to the Doormen at the Hop-Pole that night it was, as soon as I had vacated the toilets, I had been almost lynched by not just one doormen but about three of them which I thought was really unreasonable, as they went far to over the top as they had me in a restraint arm-lock (Both arms around my back sort of thing) As it wasn't like I was being aggressive or disorderly. However the Doormen didn't stop there, as I was waiting outside for my friends near the big iron gates attached to the side of the building, one of the doormen approached me again, and I hardly looked like a threat standing there. I have now understandably not chosen to go in the Hop-Pole ever again on a nigh-out with friends, as I think the way those doormen treated me was unfair in my eyes.

- I understand that the Manager of the Hop-Pole goes on this site occasionally, so I suggest he or she has a good read of this!!"

So there we have it, has anyone else had trouble with doormen, let us know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it seems strange that any my door team would throw any one out for no reason . if you are on "HAND"
you would be asked to leave,if you take or try to take/deal drugs you will defantly removed from the pub and held and police called. or if your very drunk or sick any were on the preimises you will be told to leave /shown the way out. and of course it goes with out saying that if you are agresive or racist towards another costomer or a member of staff .you will also be held and police called .
HOWEVER if you havent done any of the above you will proberly have a great time at the hop pole ,and of course if you were unhappy about your visit you can always write -phone-or ask to speak to me but i dont do "anonymous"
yours truly
personaly reasonable for THE HOP POLE HEREFORD one of the nices pubs you could visit!!(as long as you behave your selfs that is !!)

10 October 2007 at 18:49  

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