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Friday, 31 August 2007

Happy Birthday

The HM Pub Guide is officially 1 year old this week.

We would just like to thank everyone for their support and contributions over the last year. If someone had told us in 2006 how popular the site would become we wouldn't have believed them. Who would have thought that our little hobby would grow in to something so big- and it's all down to you, the Great British public.

Obviously a lot has happened in a year; we've had a new Prime Minister, and more importantly for us, a smoking ban in pubs. Therefore we are currently revisiting all the pubs in Hereford so that we can bring you the most up to date information. To see our findings just click on the "Our Pub Ratings" link. It's an arduous task- having to go in every pub again, but it's one we're happy to endure.

Don't forget to keep your reviews coming in. We are continuing to expand the HM Pub Guide nationwide. So wherever you are let us know about where you drink.


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