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Thursday, 30 August 2007


Well, it’s been a long time coming but the final of Big Brother is upon us. Last year I didn’t watch any of it, but this year I’ve been hooked. It seems to be on everywhere I go- even the pub!!!

Therefore it seems only right that I come off the fence and put the might of the HM Pub Guide to good use; therefore VOTE ZIGGY TO WIN.

Here’s why he deserves to win more than the other contestants:

Carole- She doesn’t deserve to win, alright she cooks and cleans for everyone else and has become a mother figure for the house, but she seems to have forgotten that it’s a game show. She doesn’t entertain; all she does is moan when she can’t get her own way. She might need the money more than everyone else but BB isn’t a charity.

The Twins (Sam & Amander)- These might be the bookies favourite, but they’re just too stupid. Their behaviour is just too childish- their constant screeching, jumping on beds, excessive liking of anything pink and lack of general knowledge makes them seem like a 10 year old, not the 19 year olds that they are; and we let people like this vote!!!

Brian- Similar to the twins, in that he’s just plain stupid (never even heard of Shakespeare), his parents and teachers should be ashamed of themselves. He seems to think that the only thing to do in life is drink cider and eat kebabs. Although saying that, he is a decent lad, but do you want to live in a society that rewards stupidity.

Liam- I’m struggling here, he’s a normal regular guy who I’d probably like and get along well with. Although he’s already won £100,000 so in the interests of fairness the prize should go to someone else.

Jonty- He’s a bit of an odd ball, if he’d been in it from the start then maybe I’d vote for him; but he’s only been in the house for a few weeks, while the others have had to endure months of it. His one contribution to the house seems to be farting- as a bloke I recognise this as an art form, but it’s just not enough.

And so that leaves us with ZIGGY- He really deserves to win. He’s been on a roller-coaster of an emotional ride. From his relationship with Chanelle, to his fights with Charley, he has been on a journey. He’s always wiling to learn from his experiences and stand up for what’s right. His one downside is the fact that he does seem to cry a lot- but who’s to say what we’d be like in the Big Brother House; and just for saying: “It’s not you, it’s me…” on national TV clinches it for me!



Anonymous Rich said...

Vote for Sir Cliff! Sorry, I mean Ziggy.

30 August 2007 at 15:56  

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