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Saturday, 20 January 2007

Have you seen the t-shirt?

Since we launched the website in August 2006 numerous t-shirts have been awarded as prizes for our various monthly competitions. Has anyone ever spotted someone wearing these?

We have a limited number of shirts left, so if anyone wants their very own personalised HM PUB GUIDE t-shirt then email us at: email@hmpubguide.com

Beware though, supplies are very short so it's a first come, first served opportunity!


Blogger HM Pub Guide Team said...

Dear St.J,
Thanks for your interest in The Official HM Pub Guide T-Shirt. Yours is on the way, weather permitting it should be at your door Saturday morning.
Mr M

9 February 2007 at 06:34  
Anonymous StJ said...

Cheers Mr M. Thanks for the T shirt. Fits nice...like a glove...or a Tshirt!

10 March 2007 at 17:52  

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